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Concord Chamber of Commerce ~ 978-369-3120


Financially conservative advisors? Yes.

Conventional advisors? No.

Not by a long shot.

Elite athletes work with personal trainers to reach their fullest potential, which is the role

we play in our clients’ financial lives. We help you maintain the discipline and focus

required to hit spending, saving, growth, and life goals.

Combining investment management with financial planning and project-managed

implementation greatly enhances a client’s probability of maintaining their standard of

living in the future.

Successful professionals, primarily scientists, doctors, finance & tech executives, and

engineers, work with Journey to implement personal and intelligent plans. Journey also

provides financial advisory services as an executive benefit for the professional team, such

as at a foundation at a leading Boston Hospital.

Journey Wealth Partner’s investment philosophy is grounded in a conservative,

evidence-based approach: implementing expertly constructed, efficient, low-cost, well-

diversified, risk-adjusted portfolios, and using best practices for risk & tax management,

education funding, wealth preservation, growth and income, and retirement income

withdrawal strategies.

Journey is a fee-only, independent Registered Investment Advisor and Peggy McGillin,

CFP®, MBA, is the owner of Journey Wealth Partners in Concord, Massachusetts. We

invite you to visit us for a complimentary discovery meeting and to meet the rest of the

Journey team of CFP® Professionals.

747 MAIN STREET SUITE 120 CONCORD, MA 01742 978 369-2911